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In a recent article about the Popularity Of Flashlight Stun Guns we said “Flashlight stun guns are some of the most powerful types of stun guns available. Stun devices get their power from batteries that are stored within the device, and flashlights have more room to store more batteries because they are bigger. It is that simple.”

It seems that most stun guns these days have built-in flashlights. There is a big difference between a stun gun with a flashlight and a flashlight stun gun. Stun guns with a built-in flashlight are basically minor-league in terms of lighting power compared to a powerful flashlight stun gun. We have always said that if you’re going to carry a self-defense product in your car, that it should be a flashlight stun gun because of its versatility.

Of the six types in our Stun Gun Guide FLASHLIGHT STUNNERS–”are the next most popular-probably because they are some of the most powerful and serve a dual purpose of the self-defense product in an emergency and a way to provide light in darkened areas or in power outages. Some flashlight stun guns have bezeled edges so can be used as an emergency glass breaking tool or as a striking device for additional self-defense.”

In today’s article we are going to take a look at some new flashlights-most of them with stun gun capability.

The first one is from our friends at Guard Dog, makers of some of the most popular flashlight stun guns there are. This one is the smallest tactical flashlight stun gun at only 5.8 inches in length and 1.25 inches in diameter. It weighs only 4.2 ounces. It is a 140 lumen flashlight and a type III aluminum aircraft grade body that gives durability and longevity. It has an enhanced glass breaker bezel for emergencies and comes with a built-in rechargeable battery to save you money right off the bat. The concealed inner stun technology hides all the prongs in the outer layer. It comes in gold or black and has a lifetime warranty.

This next new model from Streetwise is not a stun device but simply a powerful 220 lumen flashlight that can illuminate up to 300 meters away. This dual spiked model has three light modes including a flashing strobe which can be used for signaling in an emergency. It has one piercing spike on the backend to deliver an effective blow to your attacker or you can temporarily blind an assailant with the light in an assault. When charged, it has a four hour battery life under constant use. It is water resistant so it can be used in rainy conditions.

The next new flashlight that we are discussing today is also by Guard Dog and is called the ICON 3000 because of the 3000 lumens that it generates. It uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are housed in a package that is 5.4 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It is waterproof, all weather resistant, impact resistant and uses a stainless steel bezel for self-defense or glass breaking. The four light functions include ultra-bright: 3000 lumen; high: 1000 lumen; low: 400 lumen and strobe at 3000 lumen all housed in a type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy body.

Katana Stun Gun Flashlight 400 Lm
Katana Stun Gun Flashlight 400 Lm

The last model we are discussing today is the Katana Stun Device that produces a 400 lumen light that can be seen from 100 yards away. It also uses concealed inner stun technology and has an enhanced CREE that produces the brightest flashlight of any stun gun. It uses an enhanced aluminum reflector system that aids in the brightness factor.

It is absolutely free for you to chime in with your thoughts about stun guns, flashlights or even flashlight stun guns. Have you ever used one?

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Author: David Artman

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