Carbon Monoxide Detector: Stop The Beeping!

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Stop The Beeping!

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Stop The Beeping!

Carbon monoxide is an colorless, odorless, tasteless and non- irritating gas. How do you know if your carbon monoxide detector is working? How do you know if it is okay to stop the beeping?! The correct answer is – you don’t really know. And you don’t really know because your senses can’t be trusted.

Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer.” If you don’t recognize the symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning, such as: headache, dizziness, weakness, vomiting OR if you dismiss them as something other than poisoning, you may lose consciousness and this can sometimes prove to be fatal according to the CDC.


Having a reliable carbon monoxide detector or CO detector is extremely important because it can prevent death. But how do you know which one is right for you? And how do you find out? It’s simple:

  1. You research.
  2. You plan (and plan again).
  3. You trust you are buying the safest CO Detector.

CO detectors, even the cheap detectors, can help to keep you safe. But if you do your research, plan (and plan again), you can buy the best detector for your safety needs – and a more reliable CO and Natural gas detector that you can depend on.

You can stop the beeping, chirping or blue light flashing because you will find out that the best CO and Natural Gas Detector is the one that includes smart technology – you won’t have to wonder why it is going off, and you can trust it is doing its job to keep you safe.


At The Home Security Superstore we carry the Universal® brand Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Universal CO and Natural gas detectors have MicroProcessor Technology that virtually eliminates nuisance alarms caused by everyday cooking and steamy showers. For over 40 years, Universal has been a leading manufacturer in trusted home safety products that help keep your family protected.

The Universal brand has Carbon Monoxide Detectors with 5 year, 7 year and 10 year battery life options for you to choose from. The 10 year option has a sealed battery. It never needs replacing throughout the life of the alarm. The Home Security Superstore also carries Universal 3-in-1 CO, Natural Gas & Smoke Alarm and 4-in-1 IoPhic CO, NG, Smoke & Fire Alarm Detectors. Doing your research can pay off in more ways than one!


Plan out the locations for your detectors – and plan again on taking action. The average lifespan for a Carbon Monoxide Detector is 5 years. If you already have detectors in your home or office and you don’t know how old they are, chances are they need to be checked and / or replaced.

With most detectors today, smart technology helps to eliminate the accidental false alarms. It is worth your safety to invest in a new CO detector and Natural Gas detector if your device is over five years old.

Take action now – examine the location and the battery life of your detectors. Replace the old batteries for new ones or replace the device if you need to. Carbon monoxide detector installation instructions for Universal® devices are easy to follow. This means you can install it yourself – no wiring required. Or you can just as easily hire someone to do it for you.

CO House Placement Recommendations Infographic
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At the Home Security Superstore we did our research. Experts say that a network of alarms within your home that are interconnected provide you the best chances for survival. The detecting devices allow you to connect up to 24 devices. This means you can connect all your carbon monoxide alarms located throughout the house – and any smoke detectors, heat detectors, and relays too. If one of the alarms is activated, all of the other interconnected alarms throughout the entire home will sound so that everyone is alerted immediately and has time to escape safely. You won’t need to guess about how to stop the beeping because you will know it is just time to get out!

David Artman

Author: David Artman

David Artman is the founder and CEO of The Home Security Superstore, an online provider that helps customers protect their homes and their families through its expansive selection of do-it-yourself home security systems and effective self-defense products. With years of marketing experience and an interest in the e-commerce industry, Artman founded the Atlanta-based company Velocity Products, Inc. in 2000, which now owns and operates The Home Security Superstore and A native of the Pittsburgh area, Artman graduated from Edinboro University in Pennsylvania and has worked for well-known companies such as Bausch & Lomb, Andersen Products and Stradis Healthcare, which he co-founded and branded as Sterile Dental Systems Southeast in 1993.

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