Self-Defense for Women: The Basics

Self-Defense for Women: The Basics

For women, physical altercations and the risk of being battered or killed is thankfully rarer than it is for men in the U.S., according to national statistics. This is probably due to the fact that women are generally less aggressive and more thoughtful creatures than men. Presumably for that very reason, however, women are far more likely to be victims of sexual assault than men are. So, although on average females will confront fewer violent altercations, women should absolutely know how to defend themselves against an attack.

Women often ask me if there is a weekend workshop I recommend for women’s self-defense, and my answer is always the same: Either start training 1-2 times a week in an intense self-defense program, or get yourself a weapon, because a weekend workshop isn’t going to help much. That being said, there are 4 basic areas that I recommend practicing to all women pursuing the knowledge of self-defense. You can think of the acronym SWAG…but backwards in priority (GAWS). If you keep the GAWS in mind and practice, you ought to be more likely to escape and survive a violent attack.

General Awareness

First and foremost, stay aware of your surroundings! The majority of attacks could have been avoided had the victim been more alert and vigilant. Pay attention to whom is around (or not around) and what your environment is like. In unfamiliar locations or when you are alone, alertness levels should be heightened. In heightened alert situations, I always teach individuals to stay aware of 3 elements:

  1. Exits: where are your escape routes, and which areas might trap you in?
  2. Objects: what objects are around that could be used as weapons or shields?
  3. Obstacles: what large elements in your environment can be used for hiding or blocking, such as a car or fence?


For any individual practicing self-defense, and especially for women, attitude is of utmost importance. If you sense an assault is imminent, you must project absolute confidence and power, that you are not afraid and are absolutely willing to fight with everything you’ve got against an attack. This attitude actually takes practice for most people, which is why I highly recommend taking ongoing classes. A weekend workshop simply won’t get you there.

Developing true confidence in your own power and ability, and expressing that confidence outwardly to would-be attackers, takes cultivation! This aspect is well worth the investment, though, as it is crucial and extremely effective in stopping attacks both before they begin and after they have started.


When it comes to self-defense, I recommend carrying legal weapons to anyone, especially women. The best weapons, in my opinion, are those that require very little training, can be used at a distance, and are non-lethal. In other words, they should be able to be used to simply escape, not necessarily to injure or kill, unless one is highly trained in using lethal weapons. You do not want the legal or psychological consequences of taking a life or seriously injuring another human, unless it is absolutely necessary. Also, in the unfortunate case a weapon is taken from you, it is much better for it to be a non-lethal weapon for obvious reasons.


The two weapons for women’s self-defense that I recommend first are Tasers and pepper spray, as both can be used to escape an attack, stop the attacker at a distance, and require little training to deploy. Stun guns are decent as well, but I recommend Tasers first for a number of reasons. You can read more about the difference between Tasers and stun guns here.

Soft Targets

If you are attacked and do not have a weapon on you, your mission then, especially as a female against a male, is to focus on striking soft targets with hard “weapons.” Your hardest weapons are your: elbows, knees, nails, and teeth. An attacker’s softest targets are his/her: groin, throat, eyes, and nose. No matter how big or strong an attacker is, there are never large muscles that protect these vulnerable areas. Remember, all you’re trying to do is create enough pain or shock to gain a momentary escape advantage.

The goal of women’s self-defense is not to incapacitate or knock out. Just escape! Using your hardest weapons against the attacker’s softest or most vulnerable targets is the best way to create that advantage. Again, being able to effectively strike another human being with power and accuracy takes practice. Both physical practice (i.e. muscle memory and power) and mental practice (i.e. readiness and fierceness) are absolutely crucial if you are to defend yourself.

I never advocate paranoia, and the stats do show that females are less likely to be attacked than men, at least in this country. However, to think it can’t happen to you is extremely naive. Just about every female victim of assault thought that very same thing at some point. That’s why self-defense for women is so important. So live your life well, without being paranoid, but still stay alert and keep your GAWS in mind. Start practicing and stay safe!

Assaults On Women Near Epidemic Proportions

Assaults On Women Near Epidemic Proportions

In today’s story we will highlight, among others, one of the most famous cases in recent memory of assaults on women. Assaults on women worldwide are at nearly epidemic numbers. The first episode comes to us from the Washington Post and is about one of the most famous comedians of our time. Bill Cosby has been accused by dozens of women for years of sexual assault with incidents dating back to the 1960s. For the first time he is being charged in a criminal action in connection with one of those accusations. Prosecutors are charging him in aggravated indecent assault with an incident in early 2004. According to the criminal complaint, he faces three counts of indecent assault. Cosby’s bail was set at $1 million.

In another story about Bill Cosby the PBS News Hour news host, Gwen Ifill, interviews the Dist. Atty. for the case. In the interview it was revealed that Ms. Constand, who originally brought her case in 2004, lacked enough evidence to go to trial according to the DA so she filed a civil lawsuit which was settled in 2006. As part of that civil case, Cosby gave a deposition that was taken over a four day period. The deposition was sealed for some time. The Associated Press went to court to gain access to the documents. They were finally successful which ultimately led to the downfall of Mr. Cosby. In the deposition he admitted that he bought drugs with the hopes of giving them to women that he had hoped to seduce. So it was his own words from 10 years ago that got him in trouble.

In Germany the flames of the refugee debate are being fanned by assaults on female refugees by Arab and North African men. According to this story Cologne, Germany is the scene of the most serious assaults on women. It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Germany. They took in more than 10,000 refugees last year, many of them young men from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The wave of violence included robberies around the city’s main train station where a crowd of 1,000 men had congregated. The story says that these attacks on women, no matter how they dressed, are typical in the Muslim world.

In an opinion piece by CNN, blonde German women are, according to the Quran, “prey women” can be abused according to your whims which, in part, explains the vicious attacks by bands of “North African men humiliating defenseless women with impudent sexual assaults.”

Guard Dog 3 in 1 Pepper Spray
Guard Dog

Since so many assaults occur with women as targets we have always recommended that women everywhere carry a self-defense product such as a pepper spray or stun gun. We have close to 200 different pepper sprays from all the major manufacturers with prices starting as low as $4.95. We highly recommend a pepper spray that is on keychain because that way it is more likely to be with you wherever you go.

For all of our women readers, what has been your experience with assault? How did you defend yourself? Please share your experience because in all likelihood it may help someone else.

Small Tools To Put A Big Hurt On An Attacker

Small Tools To Put A Big Hurt On An Attacker

In our personal security and safety Guide For Women we cite the U.S. Justice Bureau Stats that women are targeted and are the subject of violence 8-9 times more often than men are.

From the website by the same name come these Crime Prevention Tips.

Criminals look for women who are alone or are in poorly lit areas. So the number one tip is to avoid those areas and thus avoid the crimes that occur there.

They note that sex crimes such as rape are not about sex at all but are about control and having power over others. Perverts see rape as the ultimate form of control and domination.

Assailants tend to assume that women will be more passive and give up without a fight. When a predator is armed and yet non-threatening, the best thing to do is comply and be as cooperative as possible. However sometimes these incidents can take a turn for the worse and become violent.

They also tell us that “devices such as a stun gun, Taser or pepper spray are powerful enough to incapacitate any person, and yet they have no long term effects. Individuals who choose to carry a weapon should learn how to use it properly, and keep it within easy reach when going into a situation that could be potentially risky or dangerous.”

That leads us to the most popular keychain self-defense devices. Why on a keychain? If they are on a keychain, they are much more likely to be with you when you need them-which can be at literally any time.

In today’s article we will describe for you the four most popular keychain self-defense devices because those are the models that are most effective.

The first one is this 6,000,000 volt Keychain Stun Device that comes in black or pink. Stun devices are on average about 90% effective. This one attaches to your keys so you will automatically have it in your hand when walking to your home or car. It is easy to conceal because it is only 5.375″ x 1.75″ x 3.5″ making it quite possibly the smallest stun device available. With 6,000,000 volts to shock an assailant, a five second application will cause a loss of balance and muscle control as well as total disorientation.

This model has a bright LED flashlight and comes with a durable nylon holster with belt loop. The safety switch must be in the on position and the stun activation button must be pressed before the stun gun will operate. Frequently, just firing this stun device in the air is enough to stop an attacker because of the loud noise that it makes with the crackling electricity and ferocious sparks made by the flying electric charges.

A perennial favorite for women is this 120 db panic alarm that is only 2 1/2 inches long. When you feel you are in danger simply press down on the recessed alarm button and the 120 dB siren will sound that will alert anyone nearby that you are in trouble. That will also scare away any potential assailants.

In a story that we did recently about female Self-Defense Tips we reminded everyone, but especially women, to be vigilant in noticing their surroundings and walk with your head held high and radiate a sense of confidence. Always carry a self-defense item with you wherever you go-especially one of the four we are talking about here that are on a keychain.

Black Cat Self-Defense
Black Cat Self-Defense

One of the lesser-known keychain self-defense weapons is this Black Cat Defense Item that is lightweight yet highly strong and durable made of stainless aluminum construction. It can pack a sharp punch in the event of an attack with the cat figure ears becoming spikes when clutched in your hand.

Last on our list is this Fox Labs one half ounce hard shell defensive spray that contains a certified 5.3 million Scoville heat units making it one of the world’s hottest pepper sprays. It has enough oleoresin capsicum to fire 10 half-second bursts in a heavy stream pattern up to 10 feet away. Fox labs produces some of the best pepper sprays available for civilian use. How do we know? Just look at how many law enforcement agencies use them! What better endorsement is there?

As a woman, what do you do to protect yourself from assaults? Chime in with your secrets! It is free and easy to do. Who knows, maybe your input will help protect someone else.

Women’s Self-Defense Tips

Women’s Self-Defense Tips

In today’s article we will delve into the subject a little bit more and give you the benefit of years of experience in the business and provide you with more self-defense tips for women-ways to defend against an assault.

You may already know that nine out of every 10 assaults are committed against women. We did another story recently about ‘Self-Defense Tips To Keep Women Safe’ where we listed several good ideas to help keep women safe. In today’s article we will delve into the subject a little bit more and give you the benefit of years of experience in the business and provide you with more self-defense tips for women.

Some of those tips included the following suggestions.

  • Develop a self-defense strategy, the foundation of which should be a basic self-defense course. Nearly every community offers free self-defense courses for women available either through the local YMCA or Police Department.
  • Since exercise areas for running and cycling are usually relatively remote, go with a friend and always carry a self-defense item with you that can protect you against dog attacks and perverts.
  • It may seem faster to take the stairs than an elevator at your apartment complex or at work. But these darkened areas are also free of many witnesses which makes them excellent places for an assault ambush. If you do take the stairs, go with a friend.
  • It is almost like inviting sexual assault to get into a car with a stranger which is why you don’t see many hitchhikers. Only in extreme emergencies when there is no other alternative should you hitchhike. Call a cab, take a bus, bum a ride with a friend. Don’t hitchhike if there is any possible way to avoid doing so!
  • Be ever vigilant of your surroundings. Sexual assaults can happen anywhere. Walk with your head held high and radiate a sense of confidence.
  • Always carry a self-defense item such as a pepper spray or stun gun with you wherever you go. We recommend one that’s on a keychain for easy accessibility. A pepper spray can disable an attacker for as long as 45 minutes.

There are thousands of books and pamphlets that have tips for women’s self-defense. If there is a common theme in all of those instructional books, it is that there are no rules when it comes to defending yourself. You need to think outside the box and throw out every rule that you have ever been taught. Your number one goal when you are in an assault situation is to survive-survive any way you can. The most expedient way is by using your feet-to escape!

A corollary to that thought is to avoid being a target in the first place. Situational awareness, prevention and avoidance are great strategies that can reduce your chances of being targeted as a victim of violent crime.

Remember that there are no rules on the street. When you are fighting back in an assault you need to prepare for an all-out war as though you are a wild cat. Depending on the determination of your attacker or how desperate he may be, you could be in for the fight of your life. Scream, kick, bite, gouge or do whatever is necessary to get away.

Here are some self-defense tips that you may not have seen before.

  1. A surprisingly large number of assaults against women occur in parking lots-especially around holidays. Predators salivate over women going to their cars talking to friends, minding their children or talking on a cell phone- all signs that they are not paying attention which makes them excellent targets. Look around, next to and underneath your car before you get in. If possible, go with a friend or ask for an escort to your car.
  2. Never and we mean never let a stranger get into your house. Always check to see who is there before you let anybody in; do that by using the peephole in your front door. If you don’t have one, it is well worth it to take the time and the money to get one. All home invasions happen through the front door. Don’t become a victim!
  3. Maintain a personal comfort zone whether it is 3 or 5 feet. Don’t let anyone invade that space.
  4. Walk wide around building corners avoiding an ambush. Avoid being a victim by taking a wide berth around corners.
  5. Turn off your mobile devices when out in public. It is way too easy to become distracted when talking on a cell phone thus setting yourself up for disaster.
  6. Don’t jog or walk with earphones on. Instead, pay attention to your surroundings and concentrate on them.
  7. You may have noticed another theme in some of these tips, which is to pay attention at all times to your surroundings. Predators, and that’s what they are, look for people who are distracted and not paying attention. Earbuds in place, talking on a cell phone, talking with friends are all signs that predators look for.

Of the 187 different defensive sprays we have we recommend one that is on a keychain as the best for women. WHY? A pepper spray that’s on a keychain is much more likely to be with you wherever you go, because you never know when you may be assaulted.

Eliminator Pepper Spray 3in1 Jogger
Eliminator Pepper Spray 3in1 Jogger

This Jogger Model has a keychain attachment as well as a wrist strap that makes access easy when you’re cycling, jogging or walking.

Please share with us your secrets for self-defense or any experiences you have had in defending yourself. We want to hear from you!

Parking Lots Can Be Dangerous Places For Assaults

Parking Lots Can Be Dangerous Places For Assaults

In our recent article called ‘The 5 Most Common Places For Attacks On Women’ we point out that parking lot assaults may seem counterintuitive at first, but it makes sense when you think about it. When women go shopping at the mall or grocery store, they leave their cars in parking lots. When they return to their car, they can often be distracted by talking to a friend, talking on a cell phone, watching the kids or any other number of distractions.”

In today’s article we will give you several examples of parking lot assaults and finish up by giving you some parking lot safety tips.

In our first example from Richmond, Virginia where a Man Was Assaulted In An Apartment Parking Lot. The parking lot was poorly lit so the victim did not see the perpetrators approaching his car. They knocked on the car window and the victim opened the window- not a good idea. That’s when they pulled him from his car and started punching and kicking the victim. They took his wallet and phone and left the victim with life-threatening injuries. The police have posted the perpetrators’ pictures on their Facebook page.

In our second example, a man was arrested after reports of an HEB Disturbance. Police discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for a similar crime.

In our third example at Tennessee Tech, Poor Lighting is being blamed for two recent parking lot assaults on female students.

There are no statistics on this fact, but women are the victims of assaults in parking lots in the great preponderance of cases. By default women are the victims of assaults in nine out of 10 cases, but it seems they are especially vulnerable in parking lots. There are several reasons for this mostly related to a shopping experience.

Women are easily distracted by talking on their cell phones, talking with their friends or just minding their children when they exit a store. Couple that with the fact that many parking lots are poorly lit and offer a plethora of hiding places for the bad guys.

Here are some parking lot safety tips.

Guard Dog 3-1
Guard Dog 3-1
  1. Do your shopping during daylight hours.
  2. Park as close to your destination as you can and save your exercise for the gym.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  4. Look for potential hiding places for predators.
  5. Always lock your car when you leave it.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance out to your car especially at night.
  7. As you are approaching your car, get your car keys out and be ready to make a quick entry into your car. Have a self-defense Three in One Pepper Spray attached to your car keys so that in the event of an assault you are ready.
  8. Avoid talking to strangers because it can be a ploy to distract you.
  9. Try to join a group on the way to your car.
  10. Once inside your car, immediately lock all your doors.
  11. If you have children when you’re shopping, distractions are plentiful.
  12. Predators count on those distractions to take your attention away from potential danger. So be aware and be safe.

Have you ever been assaulted in a parking lot? What happened?

Are You Sure You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Are You Sure You Want To Be A Real Estate Agent?

Next to Donald Trump there is no more famous person in real estate than Barbara Corcoran, who has gained even more notoriety starring on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.” She was quoted recently as saying that the real estate business can “sometimes be downright dangerous.”

When you stop and think about it, the real estate industry is heavily laden with women, many of them single, and to be honest, many of them wealthy, which makes them attractive targets for perverts. They “dress for success” by wearing expensive clothes, showing pricey jewelry and often driving luxury cars. These real estate agents often do their work showing homes by themselves, sometimes in remote locations, at odd hours of the day and night which makes assaults relatively easy.

In today’s article we will share with you several examples that confirm what Barbara was talking about. Then we will give real estate agents some tips on how to stay safe when showing a home.

Our first example comes from ABC News about an agent who was Attacked Showing A Home. A Real estate agent in San Antonio, Texas by the name of Janice Tisdale was showing a $750,000 house in a remote subdivision to a client who said he was bringing his banker along. When they met at the house the banker wasn’t there and Tisdale became suspicious. She had shown the client several homes before but did not have a warm fuzzy feeling about him.

As she was showing the client the vacant house, her instincts told her to leave. As she started to leave, the client pulled a tire bumper from his cowboy boot and hit Tisdale over the head causing her to fall and hit her head on a stone wall. Instead of leaving right away, she started to engage the client in a conversation about why he hit her. She kept telling the client to leave and go to his car. She offered to write an explanation for her husband that the client did not attack her. When the client went to get a piece of paper from his car, Tisdale ran to the street and caught the attention of five teenagers driving by who ultimately saved her.

In another example an Arkansas Realtor was killed in September, 2014 causingGreat Distress Among Fellow Agents. Ann Clark who had been a real estate agent for four years, has had trouble getting a pepper spray, which in Arkansas requires a license, on her to do list for some time. But after the recent killing of Beverly Clark, a fellow real estate agent, she will move that up higher on her list.

Ashley Okland, was a beautiful 27-year-old real estate agent in Des Moines, Iowa, who was found shot inside the model unit of a new townhome complex. Police say she died at a hospital from two gunshot wounds. They are still trying to solve her murder.

A Denver real estate agent was raped while showing a house in 2006. The female agent told detectives that she was showing the house to the perp when he proceeded to rape her inside the house that was for sale.

A Corona, Texas agent survived an attack but was raped at gunpoint, then stabbed while showing a house in 2010. After walking through the house, the man ordered the woman to the ground while pointing a pellet gun at her. He bound her wrists and ankles with tape and stole her keys, purse and phone. The man held the gun to the back of her head while he raped her.

Here are some valuable Safety Tips For Real Estate Agents from the folks who know – Real, a professional organization.

Before You Go Out:

  1. Keep your phone on a charger at your desk. That way it’ll always be charged when you leave.
  2. Keep your first meeting with the client at the office; never meet at the house.
  3. Keep your online and print ads professional. You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of buyer.
  4. Don’t advertise your listings as vacant or unoccupied.
  5. Do a reverse phone search.
  6. When you meet the client at the office get a copy of his driver’s license.
  7. Have a colleague get the make, model, color and license plate of the prospect’s car.
  8. Take your own car and have the client follow you in his car.

Out In The Field

  1. Always make sure someone in the office knows where you are.
  2. Keep your cell phone in your hand during the showing.
  3. Don’t pull into a driveway with the prospect following you. That way you get pinned in and can’t leave quickly in an emergency. Park on the road.
  4. Make sure you have a remote control to unlock your car door.
  5. Women especially have very good instincts. Trust them and act accordingly.
  6. Never go into a room before your client. Follow him into the room and keep between the client and the door.
  7. Many brokers insist that their agents establish a code word that will signal she is in trouble. Guard Dog 3-1 Keychain Pepper Spray
  8. Always carry a keychain pepper spray. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let your client see it.
  9. It also isn’t a bad idea to take a self-defense course so you can defend yourself in the event of an assault.
  10. Never lose control of the situation. If you feel you are losing control or feeling uncomfortable remember, you are in charge. You can just leave!

Follow these safety tips and you will be way ahead of the game and possibly avoid a potentially dangerous situation. We have nearly 200 OC Sprays to choose from-the largest selection in one place on the Internet.

As a real estate agent, have you ever felt uncomfortable showing a house to a client? What safety tips does your broker pass on to agents?

Who Should Investigate Campus Sexual Assaults

Who Should Investigate Campus Sexual Assaults

In our article by the same name, we asked the question ‘How Safe Is Your Daughter In College?’ As noted in the article, Time Magazine called America’s campuses ‘dangerous places.’

According to statistics that have been verified over and over again, “they show consistently that close to 20-25% of all college age women will be assaulted during their four years at an institution of higher learning.

The article also points out that:

“Close to 70% of all victims are drugged, drunk, or otherwise incapacitated.

Less than 10% of victims actually report the crime to anyone.

Only 2% of the victims actually report it to law enforcement.”

In the recent dustup at the University of Virginia, Rolling Stone magazine was accused of doing shoddy reporting because their campus rape stats were questioned. That article by Mother Jones, the famous left leaning investigative nonprofit news organization, points out that the one in five figure that is traditionally expressed, focuses on how rare it is to find a fully investigated case of campus assaults. Even more shocking than that is that only one percent of the assailants are disciplined by the school.

In this thought-provoking article two reasons are offered as to why colleges investigate campus assaults. The first is title IX passed in 1972 requires colleges to protect students from sexual assault. The second reason is a little bit more obscure. Colleges investigate cases of sexual assault on campus more for their own protection and for the protection of the students than for any semblance of justice.

Title IX was written into law to ensure women’s equality of opportunity in education. Colleges and Universities are responsible for taking action against all sexual violence regardless of the gender of students involved. Frequently, the police are not involved at all because that brings the crime into the public eye which Colleges and Universities do not want for fear of developing a bad reputation, both for fundraising and future recruitment.

According to one study done by the Chicago Tribune, only 12 arrests were made out of 171 recorded campus crimes in this six-year stretch from 2005 to 2011. In many cases the victims do not want to testify against the perpetrators who are fellow classmates.

The fear of publicity of the trial is another reason why victims don’t want to cooperate or even tell the police. Peer pressure is enormous to keep quiet. There is a fear that if there is mandatory reporting to police that more students will keep quiet and not report the crime.

The University setting is much friendlier to the victim than a law enforcement investigation which can be brutal.

If you think that the situation in the United States is confusing, then we can assure you that according to this article nothing can be further from the truth. The Sexual Assault Rate in England is one out of every three female students-much higher than that of the United States. In England they are passing new legal guidance warning colleges and universities that they may be breaking the law by refusing to investigate these campus crimes assuming that it is just a police matter. In many cases women have dropped out of university following abuse that was not adequately dealt with by the institution.

Their mantra seems to be “everyone is entitled to a life free of violence and abuse.” We say “what a concept!”

The question of who should investigate campus assaults is a long way from being resolved.

In the meantime it is highly recommended that women, especially on a University campus, carry a self-defense pepper spray. They are legal everywhere. Our friends across the pond are not so lucky where pepper sprays are illegal.

Sabre Red Spitfire
Sabre Red Spitfire

This Sabre Brand Red Spitfire Keychain Defensive Spray contains a 10% concentration of oleoresin capsicum using 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units) and containing 0.67% Major Capsaicinoids which is 4x stronger than MC used by many law enforcement agencies which contain only 0.18%. The refillable canisters have enough spray for eight bursts up to 8 feet away using a cone spray pattern. It is one of 21 quality potent Sabre Pepper Sprays that we carry.

Have you ever experienced sexual assault while at a College or University? Please share your experience.

Guide To Women’s Personal Safety And Security

Guide To Women’s Personal Safety And Security

This Bureau of Justice Statistics PDF document confirms that women are the subject of violence at least eight times more often than men. That statistic is often bandied about but never really documented. And it may seem surprising to most men who question the validity of that fact. But when you stop and think about it and just open your eyes and read newspaper headlines or watch television, you suddenly gain an appreciation for the fact.

That is part of the reason why in this article we offer evidence that women need to be much more concerned about their personal safety and personal security than they are. We will then offer some self-defense suggestions for women at home, in the workplace and on the road.

In our article entitled ‘The 5 Most Common Places For Attacks On Women’ we note that assaults on women can occur any time or anywhere.

Statistically these are the most common places for assaults on women.

1. At home with domestic violence. Somewhere between 25 and 30% of all women are victims of domestic abuse.

2. At a college or university. With more women going on to get degrees and advanced degrees, for the first time in history there are more women in college than men. Much has been made of the fact that college sexual assaults happen to as many as 30% of all college age women.

3. In parking lots. Think about poorly lit and secluded areas of many parking lots and the distractions that women face when coming out of big-box stores. Those factors combine to make women susceptible to assaults.

In a recent article entitled ‘Self-Defense Tips To Keep Women Safe’ we offer six self-defense tips, to make women feel and be much safer.

From the organization Crime Prevention Tips comes this article on ‘Why Women are Targeted for Crimes’.

The article points out that women remain the most common victims of muggings and robbery. They suggest the reason for this is women are perceived to be more passive and give up without a fight.

Many men perceive women as “mousy and weak” and do not expect a fight out of women when they are assaulted. Obviously the best way to avoid any of these crimes is to do anything possible to prevent them from happening. Prevention helps ensure that women limit the situation they find themselves that can lead to serious crimes. Some of those tips for prevention would be walking with a dog or with a group of friends and avoiding dark areas at night.

If women are assaulted the best thing they can do is fight for survival. Fight in any way you can by using your voice with a scream, purse, hands, feet, keys or anything else you can use as a weapon. Of course we always have suggested that women always carry a self-defense weapon such as stun gun or a pepper spray. That way you at least have a fighting chance of surviving a fight and fending off your attacker.

Keychain Pepper Spray
Keychain Pepper Spray

We recommend a keychain defensive spray because it is much more likely to be with you when you need it. This ¾ ounce container has enough oleoresin capsicum for as many as nine shots up to 7 feet away.

Have you ever been attacked? Where? What were the circumstances? Please share your experience.

Don’t Mess With Me-Women’s Most Popular Nonlethal Stun Weapons

Don’t Mess With Me-Women’s Most Popular Nonlethal Stun Weapons

Ask any law enforcement officer or check in your local newspaper at the police blotter to confirm that women are assaulted much more often than men – nine times more often to be exact. Because of that, self-defense products manufacturers have been making items that appeal to women for over a decade. Companies like Stun Master, Streetwise, Jolt, Diablo and even Taser International have developed stun devices specifically for the female market.

In today’s post we’re taking a look at the most popular nonlethal self-defense stun guns for women. Women need self-defense products more often than men because they are assaulted so much more often. Case in point-domestic violence for example.

As we review these four products you will notice that they have several features in common, yet there are subtle differences between them.

Perhaps before you read on, you should take a peek at What To Look For In A Nonlethal Stun Device in this article.

Small Fry Stun Gun
Small Fry Stun Gun

The first one on our list is the eight million volt Small Fry by Streetwise brand. At 4 inches in length and 2 ½ inches wide it is one of the smallest and most powerful stun guns available. It is completely rechargeable and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It has the popular disable pin wrist strap, which when worn properly, disables the stun device should it be taken away from you in a struggle making it inoperable.

Second on our list of popular stun devices for women is this twenty million volt stunner by Jolt brand that sells for $19.95. It uses triple stun technology with three electrical arcs on top of the unit. It is rechargeable with a slide out plug that goes directly into any standard wall outlet.

SMACK Stunner
SMACK Stunner

And third on our list is this popular 5,000,000 volt S.M.A.C.K. Stun Device also by Streetwise. It measures 3.5″ tall x 1.25″ wide x .75″ deep and comes with a keychain attachment making it readily available in just about any situation. It weighs only 3 ounces making it ounce for ounce the most powerful stun device in the marketplace today. It includes a bright LED flashlight and has two levels of safety built-in to prevent accidental discharge.

And last in our list of four popular stun devices for women is the 4.5 million volt “elite” pink stun gun by the manufacturer Guard Dog. What makes this one different is that it has six end probes instead of the normal two that just about every other stun device has. This provides triple arc shot take down power and creates a very intimidating light and sound display. It is rechargeable and comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. The body is covered in a heavy-duty rubberized armor coating to help ensure a firm grip. It comes with an embossed leather carrying case and includes a free guard dog 18% pepper spray canister.

Our article entitled Comprehensive Guide To Stun Guns gives you as much information as you will ever need about stun devices.

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Eleven Life Saving Self-Defense Tips For Women

Eleven Life Saving Self-Defense Tips For Women

Ever since the dawn of time, women have been the targets of violence so much more frequently than men. It has always been that way and it will probably always be that way. The genetic difference is obvious which may account for this vast disparity.

If women know where they are more likely to be attacked they can at least be prepared for an attack and have a heightened sense of awareness.

Domestic violence, which has received a lot of publicity lately because of the Ray Rice incident, is as old as the hills. We have been writing about it for over a decade now and applaud the NFL for whatever action they may take in future instances of domestic abuse in the league for players, coaches and other team members.

  • Close to 30% of all women in a relationship can expect to be abused or assaulted at some point in that relationship. It has been and always will be the number one source of assaults against women and the number one reason why women are injured so much more than men.
  • Women get assaulted in parking lots, with rape and robbery the primary accompanying crimes.
  • Close to one in five women attending a college or university will be sexually assaulted at some point in her time there.
  • The workplace is another common site for assaults against women.

Here are some tips that women can use for their self-defense.

    1. Our number one tip is to develop a self-defense strategy that we recommend includes a self-defense course as the foundation. If you can, avoid a martial arts program that focuses on the martial arts only. Get a training program that is geared specifically to women. This self-defense course entitled woman’s combat is put together by a lifetime martial artist and assault survivor. She teaches specific techniques for women-just what you’re looking for! Once you have that training, then you can build on that foundation with some self-defense products such as a pepper spray or a stun gun.
    2. Never go anywhere without some self-defense tools. Pepper sprays and stun guns are the most common, but personal alarms are effective in certain situations. Pepper sprays and stun guns are effective close to 90% of the time. Pepper sprays have a range up to 12 feet on average so they are a longer range self-defense product. Stun guns have to be physically applied to an assailant so they are a short range backup defense. We heartily recommend any one of our 106 keychain pepper sprays that can literally be with you wherever you go.
    3. Consider going places with a friend. There really is safety in numbers!
    4. If you are assaulted, remember that escape is your number one priority. Focus your attention on getting away from your assailant. If the assailant is after your purse or your iPhone, let him have it but not before you throw it in the opposite direction you plan on going. In other words use it as a distraction. Your life is much more important.
    5. If your car is ever carjacked by an armed assailant with you driving, do whatever you have to do. Deliberately crashing your car is not out of the question. You will be prepared for an accident, the carjacker will not. This shock may enable you to escape.
    6. Do whatever you can to attract attention to your situation: scream, yell, break a window or if you have one, use a loud personal alarm. A personal alarm may have a decibel level as high as 130, just short of a jet engine, the maximum allowed.
    7. If you are at home, never open the door to your home or apartment unless you are absolutely sure who it is. If it is a stranger, make sure they have a legitimate reason for being there. Use your peephole to see who it is, before opening the door. If you don’t have a peephole, get one. Nearly 80% of all home invasions happen right through the front door with homeowners opening their door to complete strangers without knowing who it is.
    8. Develop a sense of awareness. Women are especially blessed with a sixth sense-which some call intuition. Pay attention to it! Most criminals use surprise as a tactic in their assaults. If you have a heightened sense of awareness, you may be able to spot an assault in the making and avoid an attack.
    9. We are sorry to say it but you should never trust a stranger. There been many stories about downtrodden men approaching sympathetic women in a parking lot in broad daylight with no weapon in their hands. Once they got into their spiel about how they needed a little help, women may fall under their spell and become a target for assault.
    10. Do not physically engage an assailant. No matter how well trained you are, the chances of you prevailing in an altercation with an assailant are slim to none.
    11. Be especially aware in darkened areas such as stairwells at work or in an apartment complex. Even poorly lit parking lots are prime places for assaults on women

Be aware, be savvy and be prepared! Follow these self-defense tips for women and you will stand a much better chance of avoiding an assault or if you are assaulted surviving with minimal injuries.

This article has more valuable tips to keep women safe and may be very helpful.

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Have you ever been assaulted? Where? How have you defended yourself in an assault? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.