How to Stay Safe During a Blizzard

  Will you be safe from violent weather throughout the year? Let us help! Lately, the weather changes we’ve seen across the United States are making everyone question whether or not they are prepared to weather the storms Mother Nature


How to Burglar Proof Your House

Home invasions are a scary proposition. As we have discussed before in our post Home Security Tips Revisited, there are steps that homeowners and renters can take to keep themselves and their property safe, as well as working in tandem

How to stay safe during a hurricane

Stay Safe in 2018

How Do We Stay Safe from Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, and Floods this Year? Welcome 2018! Another new year and another set of New Year Resolutions… and goals. And by goals, I’m referring to the ones that Mother Nature has on her


The 21 Days of Christmas Sale!

The 21 Days of Christmas Sale The Home Security Superstore’s 21 Days of Christmas Sale starts today and will run through December 21, 2017. We will be offering steep discounts each day on select products. Up to 60% off! plus


Carbon Monoxide Detector: Stop The Beeping!

Carbon Monoxide Detector: Stop The Beeping! Carbon monoxide is an colorless, odorless, tasteless and non- irritating gas. How do you know if your carbon monoxide detector is working? How do you know if it is okay to stop the beeping?! The

Bug Out Bag

6 Essential Items for Your Bug-out Bag

Do you have a bug-out bag (emergency survival kit) prepared in case of a hurricane, tornado, flood or other disaster? If not, now is the time to put one together! A poll from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) found

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True Crime Confessions: Former Burglars Share the Home Security Tactics That Scared Them Away

If you want to know what really works to keep your home and family safe from break-ins, who better to ask than an expert at breaking into homes? That’s right, a burglar! We’ve gone straight to the source to help


5 Self-Defense Techniques Every Child Should Know

  In this video, Sandy Springs, GA Police Officer Bryan Morgan demonstrates five easy-to-learn self defense techniques that can help kids ward off an attacker. Watch the video to learn these self-defense techniques: A proper fist The get-back stance Beat


Which Self-defense Tool Is Best For You?

Taking in consideration your safety and our highest, most sought out self-defense weapons, we thought we would take it a step further and compare a few for you, the appreciated customer.  Out of our 25 top best sellers, we took


Tactical Pen vs. Knife: Pros and Cons for Self-Defense

When it comes to using a weapon for self-defense, I strongly suggest everyone get regular training with the weapon of their choice. Two potentially effective weapons, which are generally of similar size and weight, are the folding knife and the