Soldier training with taser
Posted on: October 24, 2016 by

Tazed & Confused

As a self-defense instructor, I’ve been asked the question many times over the years: What’s the most practical martial art I can learn just to protect myself? My unequivocal answer has been: Forget martial arts. Get a Taser. While it might not have been the answer they were looking for, I believe it’s the truth. […]

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ASP Baton
Posted on: October 18, 2016 by

Using a Baton for Self-Defense: What You Need to Know

Gone are the days of the billy club-toting copper, walking the street beat while twirling his wooden nightstick. Nevertheless, the baton is still very much in use by police, military, and security personnel. And why not? A stick of any kind, especially a swift, metal stick, is about the easiest thing for anyone, even with […]

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Posted on: September 13, 2016 by

When to Use a Stun Gun

A non-lethal, legal weapon is always a highly preferred choice for self-protection. Even if you’re legally allowed to carry a lethal defense weapon, like a gun or a knife, you don’t want to have to use it. So, carrying pepper spray, a stun gun, or a Taser are the best options for self-defense. But to […]

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Posted on: September 5, 2016 by

How to Hide a Spy Camera

I’m no covert agent or deep cover investigator, but I don’t need to have top secret clearance to understand how to hide a spy camera. There are any number of reasons why someone might use a spy camera, and there are a ton of different spy cams out there, masked in all sorts of ways. But I’ll tell […]

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Posted on: August 29, 2016 by

How to Pepper Spray: Human Vs. Dog Vs. Bear

I get asked all the time: What’s the most effective self-defense style or technique? And the answer I always give is, there is no such thing. All hand-to-hand combat requires months if not years of training to use effectively in an altercation. Your best bet? Pick up a legal, non-lethal, easy-to-deploy weapon system that can […]

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CR 123 Batteries
Posted on: August 22, 2016 by

Flashlight Battery Basics

If you carry a tactical flashlight, it’s likely a lifeline for yourself and others. Which means it’s a tool that needs to be ready at all times, with sturdy construction and with flashlight batteries that won’t fail you. People put a lot of thought into the type of tactical flashlight they buy and the features […]

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Spiked Tactical Flashlight - 220 Lm
Posted on: August 16, 2016 by

How to Choose the Best Self-Defense Flashlight

One of the most rewarding training activities I participate in these days is figuring out how to use all kinds of random and everyday items for self-defense purposes. After more than two decades learning and teaching martial arts, one thing I know for sure is that just about anything can be used as a weapon. […]

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Talking Dog Hidden Camera
Posted on: August 11, 2016 by

Ways to Hide Nanny Cams

We’re all busy, and most of us with children (and jobs) need to leave our little ones with trusted guardians during the day. But there have been tragedies and malfeasance in the babysitting world, and trust is wlays questionable. That’s why making sure your nanny is taking good care of your child is critical. To […]

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Surveillance Camera
Posted on: August 8, 2016 by

How Spy Cameras Roll

I haven’t personally done investigative work or engaged in undercover espionage (not professionally anyway, and we won’t talk about my endeavors to live out personal spy fantasies). But from what I hear from friends in the detective and P.I. fields, the work can be quite rewarding, occasionally dangerous, and hence rather fun. Certainly one of […]

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Posted on: August 2, 2016 by

The Right to Bear Nonlethal Arms in Massachusetts

The United States Supreme Court recently overturned a ruling in a Massachusetts court, which convicted a woman for carrying a stun gun.  The state court ruling was one of controversy as it supported Massachusetts’ stun gun law banning the possession of stun guns and Tasers. This law seemed to violate a citizen’s right to carry […]

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